The area

The Eastern part of Föglö and the surrounding archipelago is one of the most beautiful areas of Åland. There are nice paddling- and fishing waters offering great possibilities of finding your very own islands with soft cliffs for the excursion of the day. The only interruption of the silence is the breaking of the waves and the screeching of the sea birds. A more peaceful setting is difficult to imagine.

The cabin village boasts 3000 meters of untouched coastal trail, ten islets and notches and lots of smaller islands. You are yet to explore a great flora and fauna consisting of orchids, butterflies, birds and a rich fishing life. The original meaning of the name Föglö, is the place of many birds. On Eastern Föglö, you will find one of Åland’s largest sites for sea eagles, and lots of nesting sea birds on the hundreds of small islands in our waters.