“We came here for a biking and camping trip in 1988 and immediately fell in love with the mesmerizing nature of the Föglö archipelago and its cottages. We have kept coming back every year ever since. The cottages are well equipped and blend in nicely into the landscape, each cottage with its own unique character. The atmosphere is one of peace and quiet.  We also truly appreciate the Isaksson´s high environmental ambitions when it comes to managing their site. The flora is rich and overall, Föglö boasts an impressive biological diversity. We love being here in the spring, to witness the rebirth of the nature. We enjoy fishing and the waters are rich in fish, especially perch, which is a favourite of ours. Nowadays we come here four times a year, often with our children and grandchildren.

Pertti Suhunen, Tampere, Finland
(Has stayed at Isakssons, Föglö, 1-4 times a year since 1988)