About us

“Isakssons stugor” is a small family business consisting of eight seaside cottages, located on the Southeastern coast of Föglö. The business is currently run by me, Otto Hojar. My grandmother Helvi Isaksson started renting out the cottages to guests in the 1960’s, and my mother Marjatta, who was an architect, designed the eight cottages and took special care when placing them, in order to make them blend into the archipelago nature and allowing ample space between them. The cottages are simple but well equipped, all offering a beautiful seaside view. Our motto, since the beginning, is good service and sustainability, always with the environment’s best at heart. All cottages are provided with a rowing boat or kayak, offering means to explore new islands with soft cliffs, access to a wood-fired sauna by the sea, fishing possibilities (with nets or casting rods) and much more.

Our guests keep coming back, and some families have been coming here for three or even four generations. We wish you a very warm welcome to us and to Föglö’s unique Eastern archipelago.