The ocean, the serenity and the enveloping silence of Eastern Föglö is an experience in itself. There are plenty of possibilities for those who wish for an action-filled vacation.

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– Fishing rights, meaning with nets or casting rods, in our fishing waters are included in the cottage rent. A rowing boat is also included, and the possibility of renting an outboard motor. The fishing is highly appreciated, and most people seem to get lucky. Perch and pike are among the common fish, as is whitefish. There is also a possibility of catching small flounders and Baltic herring in early summer. Please make sure to bring your own fishing equipment. We have a table for cleaning the fish, a space to clean the nets and a good fire. If you wish, you can also buy a fishing card, allowing fishing in the adjacent fishing waters. Visit our fishing map here:



– The Hastersboda nature trail, one of Föglö’s two hiking trails, has its startint point right next to our service house. It is about 4 kilometers long, partly follows the coast, and passes a 10-meter-tall bird tower offering and endless view of a primeval forest, of rocks covered in moss and meadows rich in species. The trail is clearly designated with white stones.



– The archipelago East of Hasterboda offers great paddling waters. It boasts an outer archipelago with lots of soft cliffs, fresh water and the possibility of stopping by at one of the hundreds of desert islands. In case you haven’t brought your own kayak, there are four standard kayaks in our boat house. (Kayaks and rowing boats are included in the cottage rent).

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Cliff Bathing

– You don’t need to take the boat to find your own bathing cliff. The area includes 3000 meters of untouched coastal line with plenty of beautiful soft cliffs and bays. And for families with small children, there is a shallow beach, only a bike ride away.



– Our wood-fired sauna is located at the harbour and has its own pontoon, perfectly suited for a refreshing bath. The sauna house also has a rainwater shower. The sauna is free to book and available for all cottages.

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– The area around Hasterboda boasts a rich birdlife. The horned grebe, among others, can be seen nesting here. Not only is this the perfect area for seeing seabirds, it is also one of Åland’s very best areas for catching a glimpse of a sea eagle.

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– At Föglö, as for mainland Åland, there is plenty to explore from the saddle. Quite a few of the smaller roads are tarmac roads and the car traffic is moderate. Overall, this makes Åland the perfect place for those who wish to train road bicycle racing. The beginning of July is the time of the year for Åland’s most famous cycling race of 170 KM, Käringsundsloppet, extending over large parts of the Åland archipelago.


Play Disc Golf

– One of the coolest disc-golf courses in Europe has its starting point at the camping site. The course was inaugurated in 2020, and European champion, Seppo Paju, considers it to be one of the most beautiful courses that he has ever played on. The course that is currently in place has 9 holes. We sell discs, in case you don’t wish to bring your own.


Roller Skating

– The combination of nice tarmac roads and moderate traffic makes Föglö and the rest of Åland a dream destination for those who wish to train for the winter’s skiing race.



– The peaceful setting at Eastern Föglö, allows relaxation and means to distance oneself from everyday life. Professional yoga teachers have often chosen to host yoga classes at our place. Are you one of them?

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Water Colour Painting

The peculiar light and the unique archipelago setting have inspired many of our guests to reach out for their brushes and watercolours. We have planned to organize classes in watercolour painting with experienced teachers but are yet to materialize our vision. Would you be tempted to lead a watercolour painting class? If yes, make sure to contact us and we will be happy to help you with the practicalities.


Shopping and Dining

– Degerby, situated 16 kilometers from Hasterboda, is Föglö’s main town. This is where you take the ferry to Svinö, on mainland Åland. You will also find a nicely assorted supermarket, cafés and several restaurants, often serving food made from local produce. In Degerby you can also rent bikes.



– Sometimes, it’s nice to just lift weights at a good old gym. In Degerby, there is a fully equipped gym for those who may feel tempted. Gym cards are sold at the municipal office in Degerby. There is also an outdoor gym free of charge next to the gym, open 24 hours/day.


Play Tennis

– In Degerby there is a tennis court that you can rent. During the summer you can book the court by contacting the tourist information or the municipal office in Degerby. You can also rent rackets and balls here.