“This is a rare pearl where the hosts’ great care of the setting is striking. We appreciate the simplicity and the environmental respect very much. The cottages are well fitted into the landscape and allow immediate access to the spectacular archipelago. Our favourite sauna in the world is the one you will find here! This is the perfect place for reading, writing and thinking great thoughts/pondering. Apart from that, it is a wonderful place for children with biking access to a sandy beach and wonderful isles to explore. We also love the fact that Föglö is such a lively community, offering many opportunities like the walking trail, the disc-golf, library, shops and restaurants. Make no mistake, you will find plenty of things to keep you occupied!

Kasper, Maria och Boel Harbo Höök, Stockholm, Sweden
(Have stayed at Isakssons, Föglö, at least once a year since 2015)